Thursday, September 6, 2012

When have asylums ever been nice places?

Well its September now, so that means almost every store in north America (and maybe some in Mexico, I dunno) is pretending that its Halloween for two straight months, with pumpkins, candy and decorations all on sale. I figure I should get in on that action, so its gonna be nothing but spooky games up till Halloween. Think you can handle it? I DOUBT IT!
Up first in the scarathon is a game called Blackwell Asylum. Released back in June of 2012, the game takes place in an asylum for women, and you play as one of the crazies, OR DO YOU? The gameplay itself is stealth based, you need to avoid guards patrolling the hallways, hide under furniture, and generally be as sneaky as you can so you don’t get caught and jabbed with a syringe filled with tranquilizer (Yeah they just carry those things around just in case, I don’t know if that’s how insane asylums operated back in the thirties but its suitably sinister.)
Look at how legit that guy is
The art design to the game is very well done, its has a weird, twisted disjointed look to everything, as if it was being seen through the eyes of a crazy person(!). The game sells the atmosphere well, you certainly feel like you’re wandering around places when you should be sleeping.
This violates so many safety codes
 The game itself was put together in six weeks by a team of students called Black Pipe for a contest by Intel Level Up, which they won and scored twelve grand for it, good for them. While the contest was for game demos, and Blackwell is in the demo section of Steam, don’t take that to mean that the game is unfinished, it has a beginning and a end, as aside from a few bugs the game is worth the time to play if you’re into something spooky.
You think you can escape? Don't kid yourself
You can snag Blackwell Asylum off of Steam here

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