Thursday, September 27, 2012

If the walls feel like they're closing in that just means that they are

Time for another short update, and another short game from the SCP universe. For the SPOOKATHON today is SCP-087-B. “Its based off of that stairs game? What’s different?” you may ask, and I respond with “Hey man, hey, man, hey dude, just…just he- just hear me out, ok? 087-B’s got…are you listening? Its got…..hallways
Huh? HUH?
Joking aside, the game was originally basically 087 with minor differences, there were more rooms and events added to the game once it grew in popularity, both giving the game more content and separating it further from 087. If you enjoyed the spookiness of 087 and want some more without having replay the same thing, then 087-B should be for you. If nothing else it should toughen you up to the point where walking to the bathroom in the dark shouldn’t be scary any more.
but getting there is only part of the problem
You can snag SCP-087-B here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The worst internship in the world

Today I got yet game from the “SCP” universe for the SPOOKATHON. Its called SCP Containment Breach and its exactly as bad as it sounds. You play as a one of the “Class D Personnel”, who have a shorter lifespan than Star Trek red shirts, in the giant top secret containment facility where they keep all sorts of horrible things, taking part in an experiment when the power goes out and all hell breaks loose.

Containment Breach plays from a first person perspective, and your only goal is to make it out of the torrential shit storm that has enveloped the facility alive. If this were a horror movie or an action flick you would be one of the faceless extras who get massacred. There will be no Rambo one man army nonsense, the only way you’ll get out of this is by running and hiding. A useful skill to pick up should you ever find yourself working in a shady government facility,
All those frames per second wont save you
The game is still in alpha and has no way to escape from the concrete hell hole it takes place in yet, but the developers are still working on it and updating the game, fixing bugs and adding more killing machines for you to flee for your life from. The forum is active and the developers frequent it, but I wouldn’t go there: Too many Roleplayers.
"Come back, I want to tell you about my ORIGINAL CHARACTER!"
If fleeing near blindly through dark corridors while being chased by things that no loving God would allow to exist sounds great, or you need to bone up on your "How do I escape from horrible shit" skills, SCP Containment Breach might be for you.

You can snag containment breach from here

Friday, September 21, 2012

Its like the endless staircase from Mario, only evil

More SPOOKATHON for you today. Today’s update is going to be rather sparse because the game itself is short, and I don’t want to give away what makes it SPOOKY. The game today is called SCP-087, it was released some time ago however, so if you already know what the game is about that sort of spoils it, but if you DON’T, then dive right into that shit.
Stairs: The more sinister than elevators
You can snag the windows version of 087 here and the mac version here, keep in mind these are mediafire links and not website links so be sure to practice safe interneting.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Going into a dark wood with a monster in it at night was a great idea

Got another game for the SPOOKATHON today, and in it you basically play as a character in a horror movie, probably a disposable extra though, or maybe a mystery team wanna be, because a protagonist would make smarter choices than the ones you make in this game. That game is SLENDER, AND THE SPOOK LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHART
"I got a bad feeling about this, Scoob"
The game itself is played from the first person perspective, though it certainly isn’t a shooter, all you got on you is a flashlight and the game mocks you by giving you the option to turn it off when that would only leave it near total darkness. The goal on the game is to find eight notebook pages while trying to not get caught by the titular Slenderman, the monster who was invented by the internet, who is one of the better dressed monsters out there, with his suit, but he also doesn’t have any eyes, which cranks up the SPOOK LEVEL.
Now, Slender apparently got pretty popular once some youtube people played it and posted reaction videos. If you haven’t seen any of those yet and plan on playing the game, don’t watch them. It’s far better to go into this knowing almost nothing about the game, after all the game is significantly more boring if you know where all of the notes are. And cranking up the SPOOK FACTOR even further, when Slenderman catches you, you don’t get to see how he kills you, so you automatically assume it’s the most horrible and awesome thing you can imagine.
"He probably rips all the bones out AT THE SAME TIME"
If stumbling around in the dark while being persude by a well-dressed thing that should not be sounds like a good time, or you’re looking for a scare, OR you just want to see what all the fuss is about, then Slender is for you.
You can snag Slender here, or here if the other site is down

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That girl needs therapy

Another day, another update, the SPOOKATHON CONTINUES. Today we got something weird: a game that’s a look at the subconscious of a strange Japanese girl, so you know you’re in for a good time. That game is Yume Nikki, and you better buckle up because this is gonna be a trip.
It gets weirder than this
Originally released in 2005, Yume Nikki is a weird dream exploring game made in the 2003 release of RPG Maker by a Japanese developer named Kikiyama. In it you play as Madotsuki, a shut-in who’s all alone at her apartment with only a TV and an old game console for company. However, when she goes to sleep she dreams, and she goes to weird surreal landscapes inside her own head. The real world is just window dressing, this is where the REAL game takes place. The player needs to find 24 “Effects” in order to reach the conclusion of the game.
And yet weirder still
The game was originally released in Japanese, and got a popular following there, and also has a significant cult following in China and Taiwan, gaining a western following once an unofficial English translation was made. There were even fan games made for Yume Nikki, one of which I’ll touch on later in the SPOOKATHON.
The game has been described as unsettling, dark, strange, and having an atmosphere that instills dread. If that sounds spooky enough, then Yume Nikki might be for you.
That carpet looks suspicious
You can snag Yume Nikki here be sure to use the smaller download as the larger one may have some bug issues

Thursday, September 6, 2012

When have asylums ever been nice places?

Well its September now, so that means almost every store in north America (and maybe some in Mexico, I dunno) is pretending that its Halloween for two straight months, with pumpkins, candy and decorations all on sale. I figure I should get in on that action, so its gonna be nothing but spooky games up till Halloween. Think you can handle it? I DOUBT IT!
Up first in the scarathon is a game called Blackwell Asylum. Released back in June of 2012, the game takes place in an asylum for women, and you play as one of the crazies, OR DO YOU? The gameplay itself is stealth based, you need to avoid guards patrolling the hallways, hide under furniture, and generally be as sneaky as you can so you don’t get caught and jabbed with a syringe filled with tranquilizer (Yeah they just carry those things around just in case, I don’t know if that’s how insane asylums operated back in the thirties but its suitably sinister.)
Look at how legit that guy is
The art design to the game is very well done, its has a weird, twisted disjointed look to everything, as if it was being seen through the eyes of a crazy person(!). The game sells the atmosphere well, you certainly feel like you’re wandering around places when you should be sleeping.
This violates so many safety codes
 The game itself was put together in six weeks by a team of students called Black Pipe for a contest by Intel Level Up, which they won and scored twelve grand for it, good for them. While the contest was for game demos, and Blackwell is in the demo section of Steam, don’t take that to mean that the game is unfinished, it has a beginning and a end, as aside from a few bugs the game is worth the time to play if you’re into something spooky.
You think you can escape? Don't kid yourself
You can snag Blackwell Asylum off of Steam here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sharing gold is for communists

Got a neat little game here for you today. It’s a short little RPG called “Dungeons of Fayte”. Released back in 2010 as an entry for “The Independent Games Source” Assemblee competition, the programmer Brent Ellison (or “pulsemeat” as he goes on the forums) didn’t win the competition, but the game itself was still considered to be great, and it has been supported with multiple updates since its release.
$6.22? Nope, this is free as its gets
The reason why Dungeons of Fayte looks similar to Realm of the Mad God (another game I talked about) is because the guys who made the games both came from the TIGS community, and they used community made art assets, which accounts for the similarity, they both play completely differently.
Each class has a special ability
Dungeons of Fayte plays like Four Swords Zelda, not just in the combat and gameplay, but also in the fact that it has four player co-op. The cooperative gameplay is local however, not online, so if you plan on playing this with friends be prepared to play with mutliple game pads (which the game supports) or cramming together to share one keyboard.
Like this, but 8-bit
The plot of the game is that you (and your friends) need to defeat the BONELORD in four months time, and you use the time to train, go through dungeons, get equipment, and deal with special events that may give you stat increases. There are a large number of classes available to choose from, and multiple endings depending on stats and your class of choice. If you’re down for some quick RPG fun or you feel like Co-op with friends, then Dungeons of Fayte is worth a download.
Are you and your friends bad enough dudes to stop the BONELORD?
You can snag Dungeons of Fayte here, and see the game's TIGS forum thread here