Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sharing gold is for communists

Got a neat little game here for you today. It’s a short little RPG called “Dungeons of Fayte”. Released back in 2010 as an entry for “The Independent Games Source” Assemblee competition, the programmer Brent Ellison (or “pulsemeat” as he goes on the forums) didn’t win the competition, but the game itself was still considered to be great, and it has been supported with multiple updates since its release.
$6.22? Nope, this is free as its gets
The reason why Dungeons of Fayte looks similar to Realm of the Mad God (another game I talked about) is because the guys who made the games both came from the TIGS community, and they used community made art assets, which accounts for the similarity, they both play completely differently.
Each class has a special ability
Dungeons of Fayte plays like Four Swords Zelda, not just in the combat and gameplay, but also in the fact that it has four player co-op. The cooperative gameplay is local however, not online, so if you plan on playing this with friends be prepared to play with mutliple game pads (which the game supports) or cramming together to share one keyboard.
Like this, but 8-bit
The plot of the game is that you (and your friends) need to defeat the BONELORD in four months time, and you use the time to train, go through dungeons, get equipment, and deal with special events that may give you stat increases. There are a large number of classes available to choose from, and multiple endings depending on stats and your class of choice. If you’re down for some quick RPG fun or you feel like Co-op with friends, then Dungeons of Fayte is worth a download.
Are you and your friends bad enough dudes to stop the BONELORD?
You can snag Dungeons of Fayte here, and see the game's TIGS forum thread here

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