Monday, September 17, 2012

Going into a dark wood with a monster in it at night was a great idea

Got another game for the SPOOKATHON today, and in it you basically play as a character in a horror movie, probably a disposable extra though, or maybe a mystery team wanna be, because a protagonist would make smarter choices than the ones you make in this game. That game is SLENDER, AND THE SPOOK LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHART
"I got a bad feeling about this, Scoob"
The game itself is played from the first person perspective, though it certainly isn’t a shooter, all you got on you is a flashlight and the game mocks you by giving you the option to turn it off when that would only leave it near total darkness. The goal on the game is to find eight notebook pages while trying to not get caught by the titular Slenderman, the monster who was invented by the internet, who is one of the better dressed monsters out there, with his suit, but he also doesn’t have any eyes, which cranks up the SPOOK LEVEL.
Now, Slender apparently got pretty popular once some youtube people played it and posted reaction videos. If you haven’t seen any of those yet and plan on playing the game, don’t watch them. It’s far better to go into this knowing almost nothing about the game, after all the game is significantly more boring if you know where all of the notes are. And cranking up the SPOOK FACTOR even further, when Slenderman catches you, you don’t get to see how he kills you, so you automatically assume it’s the most horrible and awesome thing you can imagine.
"He probably rips all the bones out AT THE SAME TIME"
If stumbling around in the dark while being persude by a well-dressed thing that should not be sounds like a good time, or you’re looking for a scare, OR you just want to see what all the fuss is about, then Slender is for you.
You can snag Slender here, or here if the other site is down

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