Monday, March 10, 2014

I dont know what to title this one

Hey, got THREE games for you today, so STRAP IN. Firstly, do you remember FLAPPY BIRD? That stupid phone game that used assets stolen from Super Mario? Bought by so many people the guy who made it can probably retire? Made by that guy who had a nervous breakdown or something over Twitter and then took the game off the market? Yeah, that game, what if I told you there were free versions of that game all over the internet? "Fly thing between, over, and around obstacles and not crash" isn't exactly a new concept. So if you were actually considering spending cash to get it before it was taken off the market, and you feel like you missed out on something 1) I feel sorry for you, 2) Don't worry I got a couple different options for you 3) Whyyyyyyyy.
"It's totally the new Dark Souls you guys!"
Lets move on to something else. Metroidvania's are nice, so lets break out one of those. Lets see what the guy who made it himself, Derek Yu, has to say about Eternal Daughter, the third game for you today.
"Eternal Daughter is an epic platform game that took myself and my friend Jon two years to make and nearly destroyed our immortal souls. It's an homage to some of our favorite games from our preteen years, like Super Metroid and Castlevania: SOTN.
Even though the gameplay is familiar, the world, the characters, and the story are all our own. The game also marks my first teaming up with Swedish music virtuoso, David Saulesco, who produced an original soundtrack for the game. We've been happy together ever since."
YOU READ THAT? All original art, all original music. Two years of effort to make. You cant expect that some everyone, because. SOME. PEOPLE. Can't handle it. You should know what a Metroidvania is at this point, and if you dont well just grab this and find out!
It's got boss fights, making this more like dark souls than flappy bird
You can snag Eternal Daughter here (at the bottom), and you can try a free, weird multiplayer version of Flappy Bird here, and you can find one of the games Flappy Bird rips off here