Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey kids you should go to a museum and quit ALL VIDEO GAMES

"Hey, where'd the jerk who posts here go? I'd have better luck getting free games by mailing a wish list to the North Pole and praying at this rate". Yeah well I'm back now, so the four people who were waiting can chill out now. In fact, today I'll give you something so amazing that you'll never feel the need to pick up another video game again, free or not. That game is BUBSY 3D: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective. Yes. That Bubsy.
A game so masterfully crafted, so artistic, so DEEP, I dont want to spoil it for you, to let you go in like a blank canvas so you can properly experience the DEEPness yourself the way it was meant to be seen and played. Let Bubsy guide you to the promised land as the burning question of "Are video games art" is finally answered:YES
I mean, would this face lie to you?
Obviously not
So go, enjoy BUBSY 3D: BVTJTR, and let it fill a void within you that you never knew was there until this very moment. Surely this is the height of video games, past present and future, so everyone can, AND SHOULD enjoy it.
a face that screams "Hello friend, nothing strange is going to happen whatsoever"
You can play this master piece right from the web page here

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Now you can be terrible, OVER THE INTERNET!

Other blogs would bitch and moan about finals, school in general, work, and Christmas stuff as to explain why there's been long gaps between updates. I won't though, because being a lazy procrastinator is embedded deep into my soul and I AINT CHANGING FOR NOBODY.
The game for you guys today is an online version of a card game you may have already heard of called Cards Against Humanity, which is a game you win by being a terrible human being. Basically the rules are that the black cards if you a sentence with a blank space, and you use the white cards to fill the gap.
It can get worse
 The most horrific combination wins, and as there's no score metric, the person judging gets to decide what wins, so don't play with boring people with "good taste" or "social sensibilities". Or do exactly that so you can horrify them.
and yet worse
The online version of the game has multiple servers up, capable of hosting a large number of games and players at once so you never need to wait for your turn to play. It's still a work in progress so there are likely more improvements and cards coming in future updates.
If any of that sounds good to you, then you can play the game online here, or just get the card game here