Monday, November 25, 2013

In an alternate universe, do you think theres a show called "The Y-Files"?

Excuses: I dont got any, have a video game.
They're not here for our cows this time
OK SO. Earth is being invaded by a load of aliens and they're a bunch of dicks, and as the commander of the international organization that was put together to stop them you only got the weekend warrior dregs from the countries your trying to protect. Things look bad, can you still pull it off?
Not likely
The game today is YCOM: Enemy Unlikely. A parody "demake" of X-COM Enemy Unknown, a tactical turn based strategy game with basically the same "repel alien invasion" premise. Research weapons and armor to turn the tables and beat back alien abduction attempts, because if you keep screwing up out in the field the countries that pay you will just pull the plug, and where does that leave you? On a UFO with probes in uncomfortable places.
"We'd rather take our chances with the aliens, pack your stuff and get out"
Lets see the game in action.

If any of that convinced you, or you want to better learn how to defend the Earth from alien incursion, then YCOM is worth checking out. I mean, you're not a dirty alien sympathizer are you? ARE YOU?
You can get YCOM Enemy Unlikely here instead of the guys website because its "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" at the time of this post

Thursday, November 14, 2013


So there's a Might and Magic game out on Steam, you know Might and Magic, right? No, not the first person kicking game where you kick everyone and everything in the game and it may as well have been called THE KICKENING, no. One about the actual card game, so thats cool.
This isnt the right game is it?
You may be wondering how a card game can be playable on the magic box known as your computer, and over the spider's nest of pornography called the internet. Why, it easy! You dont even need to hold you cards and worry about dropping them because of your butterfingers and letting the other guy see what you got. The places on the table where the cards go are also marked so you dont need to worry about having someones OCD flare up over the exact placement of everyone's things.
Neither is this
And now we get to HOW THEY GET YOU. You can buy booster packs of cards both on Steam, and from an in game store. Sure you can earn cards by playing the game, earning achievements and the like, but that's obviously the more time consuming path to make the cash money not-free big bucks alternative that much more inciting. If you aren't turned off by blatant temptation then you should be good.
Remember that Nigerian prince?
Like card games (that aren't on motorcycles?), do you like Might and Magic in the real world and want to try it on the computer? Then Might and Magic: Duel of Champions MIGHT (and Magic) be for you.
 You can get it on Steam here

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brush your teeth

Oh man, time to check your meds at the door, because we're diving right into some weird stuff today! I've you've read through previous posts you'll know I told you about Middens by John Clowder, well today I'm here to tell you that it's got a sequel, and its just as strange and twisted as the game that came before. Get ready to slip on that straight jacket and stair at ink blot cards because today I'm going to tell you about Gingiva!
Basically where you're going
Where in Middens you played a Nomad armed with a sentient revolver, in Gingiva you play as a woman with a wind up key for a head, and things only get stranger from there. Though Gingiva gives you a far more coherent path to work with in comparison to Middens, which dumped you in the game world and told you to go nuts, that doesnt detract from the strangeness at all, especially in the party member department.
Gingiva is more combat focused than Middens, and there are less people to talk to, though that doesn't detract from the game that much, as the environments are still just as strange, as is the music, the attacks (such as "French Taunting") and the enemy designs. You dont need to play Middens to appreciate Gingiva, or vise versa, but I think they're both worth playing.
Maybe not at the same time
If you like weird RPGs, then Gingiva is right up your alley. If you like weird stuff in general you should be happy with what Gingiva brings to the table.
You can get Gingiva here