Monday, November 25, 2013

In an alternate universe, do you think theres a show called "The Y-Files"?

Excuses: I dont got any, have a video game.
They're not here for our cows this time
OK SO. Earth is being invaded by a load of aliens and they're a bunch of dicks, and as the commander of the international organization that was put together to stop them you only got the weekend warrior dregs from the countries your trying to protect. Things look bad, can you still pull it off?
Not likely
The game today is YCOM: Enemy Unlikely. A parody "demake" of X-COM Enemy Unknown, a tactical turn based strategy game with basically the same "repel alien invasion" premise. Research weapons and armor to turn the tables and beat back alien abduction attempts, because if you keep screwing up out in the field the countries that pay you will just pull the plug, and where does that leave you? On a UFO with probes in uncomfortable places.
"We'd rather take our chances with the aliens, pack your stuff and get out"
Lets see the game in action.

If any of that convinced you, or you want to better learn how to defend the Earth from alien incursion, then YCOM is worth checking out. I mean, you're not a dirty alien sympathizer are you? ARE YOU?
You can get YCOM Enemy Unlikely here instead of the guys website because its "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" at the time of this post

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