Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You will learn to hate two of three colors

"Hey guys more updates soon" and then there was nothing, this is a bad habit I need to break, but now I'm so mad I need to shoot someone in the face, let me show you how to do that without getting thrown in jail. My method will in fact allow you to shoot LOADS of dudes in the face. That method is "play this video game", the video game in question being PlanetSide 2.
The game world is big, either hoof it or catch a ride
The basic frame work of the game is that its one of those MASSIVELY ONLINE MULTIPLAYER games, built around three factions fighting in the future on another planet: The Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, and the Vanu Sovereignty . Each side has their own color scheme, unique weaponry and vehicles with their own distinct silhouettes, overall weapon balance (IE: rapid fire, damage, accuracy drop off, ect), and each has their own separate reasoning to fight. Something about the original PlanetSide spawned a rabid loyalty in the players to the sides they chose that lived from the end of PlanetSide, through the long gap between games all the way to the sequels release, most companies today would kill for that kind of brand loyalty.
You can just as easily find a version of this that paints them as corrupt corporate puppets
 The game itself is a first person shooter, based on fighting on and over the continents of the planet Auraxis (with the inclusion of more planets in the future to be very likely), capturing bases, defending resources, fighting back and forth in a war that never ends. While that would be incredibly dark and depressing in real life, in a video game its perfect, when the players get organized it actually looks somewhat like a real war instead of pixel men fighting over other pixels, with tanks actually being used to provide support and with air support being flown by people who actually know how to fly!
It changes everything, really
Maybe that isn't enough to convince you. Maybe you blood lust isn't stoked yet and my words aren't enough for you. That's fine, I got a video for you to look at that I think is the best piece of free advertising this game ever got. (WARNING: CURSE WORDS, also violence and stuff yeah BUT CURSE WOOOOORDS)

 If any of this convinced you, you can snag PlanetSide 2 and jump into the endless war here

Monday, July 15, 2013

Megamad Unlimited Anger

Another, shorter update today because I need to make up for that big stupid gap in updates. Do you like Megaman? No? Get back to work Capcom. For the rest of us just recently a Mega Man fan game was released, after five years of development by a guy who goes by the name "MegaPhilX". Take a look!

Its a full blown new Megaman game, with completely original levels, music, and bosses! On top of all that; it's also SUPER HARD, so you have fun with that! You can jump, shoot, and shoot WHILE JUMPING! What more do you need? What more could you possibly want?
Wait, a lot of things, come to think of it
You can get Megaman Unlimited over here

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten billion players: only ONE map

Time to tell you about a video game genre that's so stupid and convoluted that no one can even agree on what to call it. DOTA-like? Multiplayer Online Battle Arena? Action Real Time Strategy? Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides? People argue endlessly over the name of the genre, and that's before we even get into the games themselves or the legal mess surrounding the original game this mess sprouted from, proving that they're played by the some of the worst people on the internet.
"Wow, never even heard of some of these curses before"
 How the genre works is that on the games one map there are two bases, each with a team of guys and their goal is to smash up the big fancy thing at the opposing base while not letting the other guys take out theirs. Each side has computer controlled armies that move toward the other side in regular waves, usually the first step in the game is to follow these dudes and NOT fight beside them, but instead hide behind them and  jump out only to get the last blow on the guys from the other side as that's how you get money to buy items. Eventually you become tough enough to fight the other team, and past that you'll level up enough to storm their base, break all their shit, and win.
"Whats all the fuss about?"
 For each game in this genre there are some differences but that's the gist of it. You might read that and go "Well that's not so bad". YES, IT IS THAT BAD. I wasn't joking about these games being played by the worst people. Between people with languages you don't understand making you incapable of working with them, people flying into a frothing rage at the slightest opportunity, or those same people bragging about their great skill at commanding one unit in a RTS game. For other multiplayer games I've said that playing with friends is fun, implying that the game is less enjoyable but still playable with strangers. This is not the case here. Playing with friends is MANDATORY for having a good time while playing these games, everyone else out there will let you down or scream at you for reasons you cant really understand.
You might not understand Spanish or Russian, but you'll know smug superiority when you see it
 These games aren't going away, too many E-celebrities doing commentary on matches, and with Valve throwing their fat sacks of  cash into the ring the tournaments are going to have even bigger cash prizes. Oh yes, there are tournaments. You dont know depression until you've seen someone win over two hundred grand by pressing "R" at the right time.
"Could that be me? Dare I try?" (no, and you shouldn't)

If for some reason any of that sounds appealing to you, theres DOZENS of flavors for you to try!
Like this one, or this one, this, this one for mythological fans, or this one!