Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Everyone wants to be a fighter pilot at one point. EVERYONE.
"Nope, not me!"
You are either lying to me, which is impolite, lying to yourself, which is sad, or you are a completely broken person inside and you have my pity. The game today is called Sky Rogue, and it looks pretty slick, and while it's not a proper flight sim game, it does a fair job of getting close-ish.
Obviously Sky Rogue is about fighter jets and the stuff they blow up. Set on randomly generated islands you choose from a number of fighters each with different skins, pick from a wide array of weaponry for your loadout and go shoot up other fighters, ships, and bases.
Check out that low-polygon art and those bright distinct colors, you know you love it.

Eventually all fighter pilots will be replaced with robots, which will eventually rebel and cause Robomageddon, so this might be the closest thing you can get to being an actual fighter pilot (for free). So if you like Top Gun (the dog fighting parts, not the beach volleyball), missiles, fighter jets, low polygon art, bright colors, or riding into The Danger-Zone then Sky Rogue might be for you.
You can get it here for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and if you like it enough you can even throw some cash the Developers way to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Its like Groundhog Day, but in space

Hey guess what, I'm not actually dead. Surprising I know. On other blogs you'd get some kind of excuse, or bitching about how "Life has been kinda rough you guys", but that's for people who give a shit about that sappy stuff, so lets get right to the video games.
 Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? Rhetorical question: I already know the answer is yes, everyone does at one point in life. Deal is most of you didn't make the cut because you weren't a genius (You need more than a pioneering spirit to go to space) or you were discouraged because you found out that when your spacesuit fails you get turned inside out, then you probably fall apart, then whats left freezes if it's caught in the shadow of a space station/Earth/a satellite or it cooks if it's exposed to the sun. So yeah, Space is hardcore.
It's metal as hell
But with the magic of VIDEO GAMES you, YES YOU, can still at least pretend to be an astronaut. Which brings us to our game today: Outer Wilds, a game about space exploration, a time loop, and the end of the universe.

The deal with Outerwilds is that you have twenty minutes to explore the solar system, using a space ship and probes, poking around to see all the cool stuff in it, and trying to solve mysteries, like a cosmic Scooby Doo cartoon. With multiple planets to check out, and "Quantum moons" there's plenty to see, and you're going to need to take multiple loops to see everything and figure out whats the deal with the time loop. You need to keep how much fuel and oxygen you have in mind, and you need to know how to actually fly you spaceship, so you need to actually know what you're doing (Like a real astronaut!)
There's a reason they put these guys through an endless ringer of simulators
If any of this that interests you, or maybe you like the idea of space banjos (See trailer) then there's something you should know. Outer Wilds was built around using an XBox controller. You can switch up the inputs so they'd work with a keyboard, but it's going to be clunky. If that doesnt disuade you, then dive right on in.
You cant let a lack of competence, or technical know-how stop you
You can snag Outer Wilds here on PC, Mac, and Linux