Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The worst internship in the world

Today I got yet game from the “SCP” universe for the SPOOKATHON. Its called SCP Containment Breach and its exactly as bad as it sounds. You play as a one of the “Class D Personnel”, who have a shorter lifespan than Star Trek red shirts, in the giant top secret containment facility where they keep all sorts of horrible things, taking part in an experiment when the power goes out and all hell breaks loose.

Containment Breach plays from a first person perspective, and your only goal is to make it out of the torrential shit storm that has enveloped the facility alive. If this were a horror movie or an action flick you would be one of the faceless extras who get massacred. There will be no Rambo one man army nonsense, the only way you’ll get out of this is by running and hiding. A useful skill to pick up should you ever find yourself working in a shady government facility,
All those frames per second wont save you
The game is still in alpha and has no way to escape from the concrete hell hole it takes place in yet, but the developers are still working on it and updating the game, fixing bugs and adding more killing machines for you to flee for your life from. The forum is active and the developers frequent it, but I wouldn’t go there: Too many Roleplayers.
"Come back, I want to tell you about my ORIGINAL CHARACTER!"
If fleeing near blindly through dark corridors while being chased by things that no loving God would allow to exist sounds great, or you need to bone up on your "How do I escape from horrible shit" skills, SCP Containment Breach might be for you.

You can snag containment breach from here

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