Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That girl needs therapy

Another day, another update, the SPOOKATHON CONTINUES. Today we got something weird: a game that’s a look at the subconscious of a strange Japanese girl, so you know you’re in for a good time. That game is Yume Nikki, and you better buckle up because this is gonna be a trip.
It gets weirder than this
Originally released in 2005, Yume Nikki is a weird dream exploring game made in the 2003 release of RPG Maker by a Japanese developer named Kikiyama. In it you play as Madotsuki, a shut-in who’s all alone at her apartment with only a TV and an old game console for company. However, when she goes to sleep she dreams, and she goes to weird surreal landscapes inside her own head. The real world is just window dressing, this is where the REAL game takes place. The player needs to find 24 “Effects” in order to reach the conclusion of the game.
And yet weirder still
The game was originally released in Japanese, and got a popular following there, and also has a significant cult following in China and Taiwan, gaining a western following once an unofficial English translation was made. There were even fan games made for Yume Nikki, one of which I’ll touch on later in the SPOOKATHON.
The game has been described as unsettling, dark, strange, and having an atmosphere that instills dread. If that sounds spooky enough, then Yume Nikki might be for you.
That carpet looks suspicious
You can snag Yume Nikki here be sure to use the smaller download as the larger one may have some bug issues

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