Thursday, September 27, 2012

If the walls feel like they're closing in that just means that they are

Time for another short update, and another short game from the SCP universe. For the SPOOKATHON today is SCP-087-B. “Its based off of that stairs game? What’s different?” you may ask, and I respond with “Hey man, hey, man, hey dude, just…just he- just hear me out, ok? 087-B’s got…are you listening? Its got…..hallways
Huh? HUH?
Joking aside, the game was originally basically 087 with minor differences, there were more rooms and events added to the game once it grew in popularity, both giving the game more content and separating it further from 087. If you enjoyed the spookiness of 087 and want some more without having replay the same thing, then 087-B should be for you. If nothing else it should toughen you up to the point where walking to the bathroom in the dark shouldn’t be scary any more.
but getting there is only part of the problem
You can snag SCP-087-B here

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