Thursday, February 28, 2013

More bombs than an explosives convention.

When you think of MMOs, you usually picture a fantasy RPG populated by angry twelve year olds who spew curses in every sentence that shoots out of their mouths, people with names like XxXSepheroth420xXx, gold farmers who only speak in either Chinese or Korean (South or North, it doesn't matter) fat people who LIVE in the game almost 24/7/365, and erotic roleplayers who range from unsettling to mildly terrifying. You probably wouldn't picture EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. But you will after you check out what I got for you today!
From the set of Bayformers!
Its a MMO based fan made Bomberman game that you can play out of your browser. But this isnt some eight player deathman like it was on the SNES, Bombermine supports ONE THOUSAND PLAYERS at a time. That means huge maps, power ups everywhere, and bombs going off at all time. While some new additions have been added, the game play is still classic Bomberman.
Dont ask him about his nose or his mouth, he's sensitive about it
Bomermine is still in beta however, so its still every rough around the edges but all of the gameplay is ready to rock and roll. If you like silly browser games to kill time in, like MMOs, or you're just a big fan of Bomberman and are bummed that no one really did anything for the 30th anniversary, then Bombermine might be what you're looking for. I mean can you really go wrong with Bomberman?
Ok that was just the one time. You can play Bombermine right from your browser here

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