Monday, February 11, 2013

I need 20ccs of free videogames, stat!

THINK FAST. The robot uprising has happened! The deathrobots with chainsaws for arms you've been hiding from just found you and your group of fellow survivors! You fend them off with what weapons you have available to you (Guns, swords, other chainsaws, whatever) but one of your group got clipped by a chainsaw thanks to one of the robots having a tricky backhand swing! THEY'RE GONNA BLEED OUT IF YOU DONT DO SOMETHING! Get to it, hotshot!
Whats binary for "Please go away"?
"Hurr durr I don't have any medical training..." TOO BAD, time for you to learn! Lets start with our game for today: Surgeon Simulator 2013! It's best to jump into this whole surgeon thing with both feet, so forget about all those textbooks, training, and "certification" garbage. "Duuhhh this doesn't seem safe are you sure about this?" OF COURSE I AM! And that's cowards talk, friendo, you best get to doctoring before this guy bleeds out on the table, and you get the blame.
You have fun with that
In Surgeon Simulator, you need to give your patient a heart transplant as fast as possible without accidentally killing him, or yourself. You know what this game needs? INDIVIDUAL FINGER CONTROL! You can either use these sensitive digit controls to gracefully make incisions with a scalpel, or your can make a powerful medical fist and beat your patient into wellness.
This is the best way to doctor
Not only does this game have awesome controls but it also has great music, and voice acting! With a multitude of tools available to the surgeon, and the incentive to continually improve your surgery time, there's some replay value if you're into that. Once that's done, you'll be one step closer to being the doctor the coming robocalypse needs!
Just dare them to mess with you
If any of that nonsense sounds fun to you, you can snag Surgeon Simulator 2013 here

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