Saturday, February 23, 2013

One year anniversary! (and games)

Got a couple of weird things for you today, something that's actually used to train officers in the Swedish military, and another that's not. "A game that's meant for training army guys?" you say, "So it's like a FPS?" YOU COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG.
Training or screwing around on the clock? You decide
The point of the officer training game is to see how well you and three other guys can solve puzzles and work together under the pressure of a time limit. Obviously the best use for this to see how well you and your three very best can presumably handle whatever apocalyptic/action movie scenarios you can envision. Send you and your friends through the ringer and see who can step up when they need to and who you need to endlessly harass until they get their shit together. If you're trying to pull together a dream time to survive anything that gets thrown at you, you need to go through this ringer at least once.
No, not that kind of Step Up
The other thing I got for you today is a weird little non-typical adventure game that's a a kind of prequel demo for Kentucky Route Zero, an adventure game that ISN'T free, so I'm not going to talk about it. It's called Limit and Demonstrations, its about fifteen minutes long, it's got its own music, and the art is cool, and its free (obviously), so if you're trying to kill time, this might be what you're looking for, it's not like you'll lose much for trying (accept time).
But you lose time when doing anything
So, I've been at this nonsense for a full year now. I had fun with it, and if even one of you found a game you enjoyed here, then it was worth it. I mean, it would be more productive and helpful than blogging about what I ate for lunch.
You can play that officer training game in your browser here, and you can get Limits and Demonstrations here

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