Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Once again, its time to go fast

Haven't done a multiplayer game in a while, that changes right now. You may remember me blabbing about Tribes: Ascend a while back. Some people don't like how Hi-Rez studios runs things. Others say they don't like the new fan base that was brought in from the Free to Play format, which cares too much about going fast and not enough about teamwork.
Look at them, they dont even know the meaning of the word
Is it an actual problem, or just griping? Unless you've played the game yourself, WHO KNOWS? In the face of all of this, the TribesNext project was started. It's a community lead push to revive Tribes 2, the last Tribes game made by Dynamix, the original developers who started the Tribes series, Coming out way back in March, 2001. If you've already played Tribes Ascend then you should know what to expect: flags to capture, going really fast, jets, skiing, exploding frisbees, three different armor types, the works.
Typical Tribes gameplay
If you like fast paced FPS games, team based multiplayer, or just want to be a part of a community revival, then the TribesNext Project might be exactly what you want!
You can snag Tribes 2, the community patch, and a bunch of links to fixes to get the game to work if you need them here

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