Thursday, January 31, 2013


Time to jump into the way-back machine and play something from the fabled and mist shrouded age of 1998. A golden age where legendary events took place: like Bill Gates getting a pie thrown in his face, Elton John got knighted, Seinfeld ended, and Dune 2000, one of the grand daddies of the real time strategy genre was released. Be sure to walk without rhythm because we got worm sign the likes of which even GOD has never seen.
Oh Westwood, why did you have to die?
Dune 2000 plays like the standard base building RTS, with three sides to choose from. House Atreides and House Harkonnen, which people would be familiar with from the books and movies, and House Ordos, which was made for the game. All three Houses play differently, and have different campaign missions, giving the game more depth and replayability.
Gotta turn all that sand to glass
The name of the game is Spice, The Emperor has issued a challenge that whoever can get their hands on the most gets to control the planet Dune, so the result is a three way beat down with no rules across Dune's surface. You'll not only need to beat out your opponents but also deal with Dune's hazardous environment and the giant sandworms that can swallow vehicles WHOLE.
If you like Real Time Strategy games, the Dune universe, or you're training yourself in battle strategy and logistics so you can take over in the power vacuum after the bombs fall, then Dune 2000 is worth a shot.
"My time will come, soon. Soon."
You can get Dune 2000 here and here