Monday, January 14, 2013

Weird dreams are why you shouldnt eat before you go to bed

Got something that might interest you, especially if you like Blade Runner and other cyberpunk stuff. The game today is called "Dreamweb", a point and click adventure game that was developed back in 1994 by Creative Reality, published by Empire, and became freeware as of last October. Stick your sense of normalcy at the door and take the red pill because were going places!
That's actually just how the sky looks in the future
With a story and atmosphere maybe best described as dark noir cyberpunk, Dreamweb stars a bartender named Ryan who is suffering from strange dreams. In the game's intro, we learn that the Dreamweb is threatened by seven great evils back on earth that have yet to come into their powers, but if they are given the time to discover them they will, and then there goes the dreamweb, the earth and the whole house of cards. The Keepers of the Dreamweb have chosen Ryan for an important, if simple job: Kill the shit out of seven people, they aren't reality breaking demi-gods yet but they will be if he doesn't do something. If that doesn't make sense then you did the opposite of what I wanted and took the blue pill, what the hell.
I know I technically gave you a choice but seriously, c'mon
Dreamweb might sound peachy so far, but its important to note that there are technical limitations that might make the game way less appealing, and when it was released it recieved some reviews that are best described at "ouch". For starters the view for the game is top down, which doesn't look too good for a game made in 1994. Dreamweb also has items that you can pick up in game that don't have a purpose beyond taking up space in your inventory and giving you false leads ("Maybe unlocking this door has something to do with this baguette I snagged earlier? I've just been holding on to this thing...").
"Maybe I can break the door down? I mean its pretty stale"
If that doesn't turn you away from Dreamweb, then by all means dive in, but remember I gave you a fair warning and all that. (Plus it's free, so what do you have to lose?
Nothin' but hard drive space you were just using for cat pictures anyway
You can snag Dreamweb from a bunch of places, like here and here

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