Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who the hell names their kid Iji

Stupidly long gap between posts, my bad. But I'm gonna make it up to you with this next game. Involving cyborgs, teleportation, aliens, a range of sci-fi weaponry, and even the ability to kick the crap out of stuff as icing on the cake, this game could qualify as a Syfy Original movie, but because actual effort was put into it, its too good for that channel.
The game today is Iji, and while it is INDIE with 2-D PLATFORMING elements, theres also a bunch of other stuff to the game as well, namely the combat and upgrading system. You kill enemies, they drop NANO-MACHINES, which allow you to level up when you get enough, and when you level up you can upgrade skills like your strength, how much health you have, and attack damage among other things. Theres even a hacking system, or Cracking as its called in game. Multiple weapons, varied enemy types and a number of bosses help flesh out the combat
Take their delicious NANO-MACHINES
The plot of it is that Iji, our protagonists, and here family are at a big fancy research facility when suddenly aliens invade! Plot happens and after some time in a plot induced coma, Iji awakens, learning that she was operated on by researchers while she was out, and  now shes a kick ass cyborg soldier ready to save the day. Oh, but wait, she's still just a kid with no combat training, good job science guys. Thats where the game begins: the planet is getting screwed over hard and Iji might be the only person who can do something about it, have fun with that.
"All we need is like one guy to handle this, right?"
Developed by one guy named Daniel Remar and originally released in September of 2008, Iji has had several updates over time, which included improved art, the latest in 2010. With awesome music and sound work, a story that you can get more of through text logs scattered around the game, and two endings, its clear the Remar poured quite a bit of effort into this game. You like killing aliens, saving the world, or cyborgs then you might like this.
Also there's robo turrets, have fun with that
 You can get Iji here

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