Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's like Zelda, but it's not

Got something short and sweet for you today. A game about princesses and the legends thereof. A game by the ever talented Konjak, Legend of Princess was a fan game he made as a sort of parody to the Legend of Zelda games.
However, it clearly doesn’t play in anyway similar to them, its far more action oriented. What puzzles it does have are of the block pushing, torch lighting variety, certainly not any brain teasers, so you wont be pulling your hair out over this game.
Pictured: complicated puzzle mechanics
Art wise the game manages to pull off the Not!-Zelda look pretty well, each enemy in the game looks similar to their Nintendo counterpart that you know what they’re referencing, as do the items. Even the music has that Zelda twist to it while being original In its own right, and its available for download separate from the game itself!
I'm not Link, I'm Lonk!
If you feel like an action game, or like Zelda games, then Legend of Princess might be worth a download. Its not a long game but if its what you’re looking for you should be all over it.

You can get Legend of Princess and the music from it over at
Konjak has multiple games up for download on his website, I'll get to another of them next time!

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