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 Got another rogue like today. Its got shotguns, chainsaws, rocket launchers, exploding barrels, pools of acid, flaming skulls, zombies, demons, and blood everywhere. That’s right! This is DOOM: The Rogue Like!

This game makes no effort to hide what it is
Compared to other rogue likes, DOOM doesn’t have that much depth to it. However, its very easy to just pick up and play. Game play wise its actually fairly similar to the DOOM shooters, in that its dark as hell, everything is out to kill you, and you solve your problems with grievous violence, firearms and explosives.

This will be you at some point while playing this
Speaking of enemies and firearms, all the sounds in this game are the same as in the original games, from the satisfying shotgun blast to the sounds of an angry hell knight out there somewhere in the darkness. The game also makes use of custom music and remixed versions of songs from the DOOM soundtrack, giving the game that perfect feeling as you fight your way through hell and back.

This will also be you at one point
Like most rogue likes  the game consists of randomly generated levels with a staircase down to the next level. These levels are obviously filled with demons, and through killing these demons you level up, which is necessary as the later levels don’t screw around at all. As a bonus, the flavor text for each skill that you can choose from when you level up is all from the DOOM comic, and that’s perfect.
If you can get the BFG you will also know this feeling
The game also features special challenge levels that are all about risk and reward, since it’s far easier to get yourself killed in those, but its also how you get some of the best weapons in the game such as the BFG or the chainsaw. The core game play itself is solid, but there are also special game modes that can be unlocked that change the game. Like melee only, or a pacifist mode, or harder difficulties to unlock (which are all named after the ones in DOOM)
Typical rogue like conventions apply
If you’re a big fan of DOOM, or you’re just looking for a time sink this might just be your game. Even on the easiest difficulty you’re not getting through this game in one go. You know exactly what the game is going to be, so you cant really go wrong with DOOM.
Ok fine, but that was just one time, everything else is great!
You can get DOOM the Rouge like at  http://doom.chaosforge.org/

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