Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why do some of those guys get helmets with netting and others dont?

 WATCH OUT, we got more Nazis COMING RIGHT UP!
Video game companies are good at making Not-Swastikas to put on their cover art
Continuing the CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN trip, this time we got Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It’s a free (obviously) multiplayer FPS. Back when World War Two themed games hadn’t ENTIRELY saturated the market.
Look at this. WHO thought this was a good idea?
Based around predictable Allies vs. Axis teams, the game used objective based gameplay. None of that “Hold this point for thirty seconds” stuff neither! You’re planting dynamite, defending huge rail guns, and escorting tanks. And yes, it has a D-Day map, I think theres a law somewhere that demands it be inserted one way or another in all WW2 games that take place in the European theater.
The game uses an experience system and  has five classes to choose from: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, and Covert Ops. By getting experience for a class players can get access to abilities such as a fill revive for Medics, or an artillery strike for Field Ops players. Experience often resets when the map cycle (campaign) ends, the player leaves, or maybe the server doesn’t have experience enabled at all.
Not that bad for a game that's nine years old
Released back in May 2003, the game is obviously showing its age at this stage, but that doesn’t  stop it from being a good game, it's still played to this day. Plus it has all the benefits of dedicated servers and custom maps, so if you feel like getting setting up a server for you and your friends to play on yourselves rather than letting in the guys who have been playing this for years and get your asses kicked you can do that. And yes those guys totally exist.

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory is available for download at
That page has all the computer requirements the game needs incase some of you are running this on an old laptop or something

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