Monday, May 14, 2012


Ha ha! Time for some classic nazi shooting! 20 years ago CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN came out, made by id software. The basic premise being that you’re a nazi prisoner and that you’re shooting your way out. Sort of like The Great Escape, but with even more Nazi’s, no back up and random Nazi gold everywhere.
But less motorcycle jumps, unfortunately
For the anniversary, a free browser version of Wolfenstein was released. Containing all three episodes, it’s the full game, playable with both keyboard and mouse support. Everything from the different sound effects that played when you picked up different types of treasure from the snippets of German that the guards says when they see you. Even the secret rooms are in the same place!
All guns use the same ammo. Dont question it.
The browser version of the game includes a level select option when you start the game up, allowing you to skip to the end of the game, or to go straight to the secret level. But of course the MANLY WAY is to play the game the way it was meant to be played, from the start to the finish. Unfortunately, the browser game does not have a save/load game option, so if you plan to go from start to finish you’re gonna have to power through it in one sitting.
SOMEONES gotta stop him, may as well be you
The release of the browser game coincided with a directors commentary of sorts by John Carmack. It provides an interesting look into the games development and what made it stand out from the rest at its release.

Whether you’re going back for a nostalga trip or trying the game for the first time I’d say its easily worth giving a shot, you don’t even need to sign up for anything, but you might need to turn off any ad blocking programs you use.
Game doesn't like that
You can play Castle Wolfenstein right from the browser at

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