Friday, June 1, 2012

You wish you could punch robots

Continuing the Konjak conflagration today we’ve got a bunch of good stuff, I really should have put it all in one big post rather than try to break it up, oh well. Up first is an action beat em up called Noitu Love.
With 8-bit sounds all over the place
Noitu Love is jam packed with side scrolling fighting, from the start of the game you’re punching the crap out of robots until they explode. Not only that, it has some crazy boss fights as well. Featuring several levels, and a weird plot (involving monkeys?), if you like action and want some free fun, you should give Noitu Love a look. It was good enough that Konjak made a sequel that wasn’t free.

Up next is a puzzle game called Tripwire. A fairly simple puzzle game with thirty levels, where the goal is to draw a line through all of the shapes in the grid, going through them in groups of three. If you like puzzles or brain teasers then its worth a download, if only for a quick time waster.
Cant be any harder than this
Up next we got another side scroller arcade style game called Chalk. In Chalk you use chalk (WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?) to remove obstacles and destroy enemies. Also featuring multiple levels, a ranking system, and boss fights, Chalk should have atleast a couple of hours of game play for you if you can get into it. Not sure? Have a video of the first level.

Aside from those games, and Legend of Princess, Konjak’s site does have multiple unfinished and abandoned projects to pick through. Such as Iconoclasts and Ivory Springs (which is an earlier version of Iconoclasts), and Mina of the Pirates (Konjak’s first big project). Theres also the music from the games available as separate downloads on the site as well, if you’re into that.
Picture: a maker of video games
Konjak has his own style when it comes to making games, and if you come to like it you should like all of his projects, to some extent.

All of these games are available at
So go nuts.

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