Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rip your own head off then kick the other guy in half

So we’re getting into the heat of summer, making it especially difficult to get the important stuff done on the really hot days. That doesn’t mean you should stop though, so even its like a hundred degrees and you cant go outside to properly practice martial arts by punching boulders in half, you still need to practice, how else will you learn to properly defend yourself generic vagrants in unarmed combat?.
"I need to learn how to punch REALLY fast"
What I have for you today will help you do just that, its an odd fighting called Toribash, a game where horrible crash test dummy looking people beat the crap out of each other. You know you want this, that you need this in your life.

What makes Toribash special is that it’s a nontraditional fighting game where you put together your own moves one muscle movement at a time, also utilizing gravity and physics so you have to keep your characters balance in mind otherwise your crash test dummy will fall over and then get kicked about the face and neck. Its kind of weird at the start but once you get used to it you can pull off some really crazy stuff.
Maybe not this crazy, but you can get pretty close
Toribash has both single player AND multiplayer, along with a community that’s still going despite the game being released years ago. If you like beating things up and ripping or kicking body parts off of things but don’t want any jail time, or maybe if you just like fighting games Toribash might be for you.
Practicing with video games and watching movies will only bring you so far
Those post apocalyptic banditos will know not to mess with you once you start punching through people and doing crazy jump kicks!

You can get Troibash at http://toribash.com/

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