Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Its like NASCAR but you turn both left AND right

Do you want to go fast but don’t want to play a sci-fi FPS? I can help you with that. Today I’ve got a racing game for you that has some crazy god damn tracks in it. That game is Trackmania: Nations Forever.
Pedal to the metal
Featuring both a multiplayer mode (with the neat bonus of displaying what country the other racers are from, so you can lament and rage whenever you are beaten by someone from a country you particularly hate) and a solo mode, the game offers a completely absurd amount of courses to race around in that get progressively more insane.

And that’s before you even get into the potential of player designed courses. That’s when things get really crazy. When you shift past the “38 loops in a row” type courses that exist in every game that has a level editor, theres some good stuff in there. Like the “hold forward” maps where the course as been made in such a way where you don’t need to worry about turning and you can just watch the show of your car making absurd jumps and loops.

The game can easily be enjoyed in solo mode if you like racing games, but like with anything, its better with friends. Its possible to set up your own dedicated server for your friends to pile into and play together, preferably while yelling angrily at each other over who’s the best, like real friends should.
YOU THINK YOU'RE FAST? FUCK YOU I'M THE FASTEST! Lets do this again next week
However, since a good part of the game relies on multiplayer/user created maps, its not a good idea to install it on that computer you have in your underground survival bunker, unless you plan on having enough computers and people in there for a full on Lan Party. If you DON’T have a survival bunker you can use the game to learn the driving skills you will need the in wastelands.
If you think Trackmania is for you, than you can grab it here
or on Steam if you feel like it

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