Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cereal Journey

Got something different for you this time! it’s the combination of a cereal, and a video game, bet your cant picture that, can you?
Sure I can!
What? No! Why was that even a thing? Anyway that’s not what I meant. What I’m talking about is the game “CHEX QUEST”
Hell yeah! THE 90s!
Chex Quest is a total conversion of the game DOOM that was given away in boxes of Chex cereal. It was actually a pretty successful marketing idea, considering corporate sales had a major increase in the year when they had the promotion. For those who don’t know, a total conversion is when you take a game and change everything except the most basic framework of the game. Though vastly different in terms of art and tone, the gameplay is the same, and the enemies and weapons are reskins of the DOOM originals
The game itself is actually rather easy for the first two parts that were made during the original run of the promotion. The game was likely meant for kids given the cartoon art used in the game, and the fact that you don’t actually kill anything in the game, the guns you use are actually hand held teleporters used to send the “Flemoids” (yes, they went all out) back to their home dimension. Its all very kid friendly. The third part however was made years later by two members of the original programming team, adding new enemies, environments, and a notably increase in difficulty, making it the most “official“ out of all the fan made endings out there on the internet.
You could probably make a drinking game about all the advertisement in this game
Though easy, technically simple, and jam packed to the brim with adds to Chex, Chex Quest is a nostalgic throw back to classic shooters with secret rooms, colored keys, and levels big enough that you can get lost in. The kind of thing they don’t make anymore, favoring shooters with a more mainstream appeal.
Clearly superior. Ok I’m going to stop now before I get too opinionated.

All three parts of Chex Quest are available at http://www.chucktropolis.com/gamers.htm

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