Monday, March 12, 2012

Double trouble! Two games one update

You’d think a game released in 1985 would be completely burnt out by now, that every self imposed challenge run would be done to death and the game wouldn’t have anything else to offer. You’d be wrong! I got two games for you today

Tiny portal gun included
First up is “Mari0”, a game that takes the original super Mario brothers, and adds portal guns and four player coop gameplay. It also has an awesome trailer.

You cant beat that. All of the portal tricks from Portal itself such as the infinite fall and flinging are made to work within the super Mario brothers engine, allowing you to pull off the tricks within the trailer and keeping the portal gameplay itself from feeling tacked on.
Not pictured: me being so bad at Super Mario I cant beat it even with a portal gun
The next game is something called “Super Mario Brothers Crossover”

Its EXACTLY what it looks like
Like the other game, this game ALSO has an awesome trailer

The gimmick behind this game is that instead of being restricted to playing as Mario, you have an assortment of characters to choose from, all of whom play differently. Its not just gameplay and hitboxes that were changed either, each character gets the soundtrack to their own game played instead of the Super Mario one.
Even in a different game entirely: metal blade still kicks the crap out of everything
Both games are well put together and certainly worth a look if you're looking to kill an hour or more. And if you think about it, if you don’t use the portals at all for Mari0 or just use Mario for Super Mario Crossover, its like you have the original game! So really, its like THREE games in one post!
And that's awesome
Mari0 is available for download at
Super Mario Crossover is playable right from your web browser at

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