Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunar Installation Beta

Today I’ve got a shorter post for you, but to make up for that it's something really weird!: MOON BASE ALPHA! And as a bonus, it was made NASA, and that’s awesome.
Your tax dollars at work!
Basically, the point of the game is to repair the various broken things around the lunar station before it runs out of air. You and preferably some friends control astronauts walking around outside the station repairing stuff such as solar panels and power cables.
Your astronaut even moves like he would in a low gravity environment
Much like Façade however, that’s just the “official” part of the game. While you can go about repairing the station, or you could screw around and find out why this is also called “Text to Speech: The Video Game”. Unlike in Façade you don’t even need to pick between playing regularly or fooling around, you can do both at the same time!

That more or less shows why this game is significantly more fun with friends, or even random internet people than it is to play it alone. You can tell that the programmers meant for this to be completely straight and serious space simulator, but even when doing the admittedly repetitive repairs, the text-to-speech can make anything funny.
Pictured: the exciting adventures of a SPACE MECHANIC
If you and preferably some friends feel like killing a couple of hours doing stuff on the moon, or maybe you’re just into stuff about space then Moon Base Alpha might be for you. Even if the game itself isn’t what you’re looking for the text to speech might be funny for awhile.
Gotta learn about living in space before this happens
Moon Base Alpha is available on Steam at

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