Monday, April 16, 2012

From Covered Wagons to Station Wagons

You ever play Oregon Trail? If  “No”, then get the hell off your parent’s computer. If “Yes” then you might want to take a look at this right here
That 8-bit dog looks way too calm
A throw back to Oregon Trail, Organ Trail sends your party on a cross country trip towards safety. Of course its obviously not as simple as just jumping into the car and driving there, you need to get and ratio food, fuel, bullets, medical supplies and car parts to make it cross country. And that’s just the basic necessities.
No, you're car isn't as awesome as this, have fun with that Station Wagon
It gets worse. The zombies are an ever present threat, whether you’re driving, scavenging, or trying to hold up in a particularly paranoid survivor stronghold when you have an infected person in your party. Road blocking hordes of zombies replace rivers in Organ Trail, and just like in Oregon Trail you have a couple of options in how you approach the problem.
Pictured: The MANLY way
The game also has the classic Oregon Trail random events that go off as you drive along through the apocalypse, such as poor weather, thieves stealing your stuff, found food and injuries.
He should have
Being based off of Oregon Trail, you shouldn’t expect much in the way of HEART STOPPING ACTION. A lot of the game revolves around scavenging, trading, and husbanding resources so you can make it cross country, because it your car’s battery or tires give out and you don’t have any replacements your stranded and stuck with either scavenging for replacements or trading for them with people passing by.
It only seems easy before the zombies really start coming in
If you’re looking to kill some time, I’d say Organ Trail is worth looking into. If nothing else you can practice trading for food for when society collapses. It also recently did one of those kickstarter things to get an advanced edition working for touch phones, but that probably wont be free so this isn’t about that.

You can play Organ Trail right from your browser at

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