Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The guy you control doesnt seem to care that he's trapped in a black and white void

Ok, so. That last game was really out there, lets try to reel things back in, we cant have too many crazy games close together, sets a disturbing trend. So lets dial things back a bit with another platformer, its the elevator music to Space Funeral's two hours long orchestra that was written while on crack. The game today is Vertigo. The reason I'm not giving Vertigo crap over being an INDIE PLATFORMER is because it isn't just a platformer, its also a puzzle game.
You have fun with that
 Vertigo's gimmick is screen wrapping. You know what that is right? Its when you go off one side of the screen and pop up on the other side. Vertigo takes that and just goes completely insane with it. Screen wrapping up and down, left and right, switching between them, switching gravity, going upside down and walking on the walls.
Kind of like this, but without Nolan
The game's simple black and white art doesn't make the obstacles difficult to see while "feeling" fun, if that makes any sense. The music is similarly cheery. Gameplay and platforming itself is simple though, with only two buttons, Z to jump and X to shoot, whats actually difficult are the puzzles, with locked doors, and switches to make you gnash your teeth and pull your hair out. OR you're really good at puzzles and you'll blow through this in little over an hour. If you like platformers, or puzzle games, then Vertigo might be for you.
Not these kinds of puzzles though
You can snag Vertigo for Windows, Mac and Linux with windowed mode versions here

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