Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Philip is okay with this"

Today I got...well, something for you, certainly. Its like an RPG maker engine took a few dozen blotters of acid and went to an Independent Film Festival where they were playing nothing but depressing movies all night, and then maybe hung out at an Emergency Room until the trip wore off. Its a weird game, is what I'm try to get at here.
This game is called Space Funeral, and while there are some coffins, the game takes place neither at a funeral, or in space. The weird name is only the tip of the iceberg, the whole game is screwy from top to bottom. The art and game sprites are like something someone committed to a mental hospital drew, and the walking and fighting animations for the protagonist are either the best or worst ever.
Meet the protagonist
The actual RPG game play is still turn based, so they didn't mess with the basics, but that doesn't mean its completely normal. Not even getting into the strange enemies you fight during the game, there area number of odd status effects such as "Distracted" or "Moral", and there's even a special move you can do once per battle that has a chance to do anything!
Space Funeral's soundtrack is top notch and frankly one of the best parts of the game. Using strange and disjointed music cranks up the weird factor even more. Using that kind of music rather than chip tune tracks (Not that there's anything wrong with chip tunes) that are all credited at the end of the game makes it that much better, so if you think that battle theme is pretty catchy you can look up the song and the artist later!
This is just the start, it only gets worse
If you like weird surreal stuff, turn based RPGs, neat music, or any combination there of, then you should give Space Funeral a shot. Its only a couple of hours, but it certainly leaves an impression.
Most likely this kind of impression
You can sang Space Funeral here

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  1. I'm quite annoyed I couldn't watch you play this because it looks insane. The music is great.