Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today I got another weird game for you, a game with a cheering facade that dives in deeper, darker territory that you'd think at first glance. This game is Eversion, and JESUS CHRIST WATCH OUT ITS AN ~~**RETRO INDIE PLATFORMER**~~ TAKE COVER EVERBODY BECAUSE WE'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE.
Its beautiful and terrible at the same time!
In all seriousness, before you cry foul and try to burn down the website, hear me out. The problem with most of these indie platformers is that they come across as pretentious. I personally don't think thats the case here, I think Eversion is more weird than anything else. Released way back in December of 2008, Eversion is clearly made as a throwback to old platforming classics, the goal of each level being to move right to the end and get the gems, gimmick this time around being the ability to "evert" between dimensions to get around obstacles. Sounds simple right?
Just what the hell do you play as, anyway?
The game gets progressively creepier as time goes on, so much so that theres a warning on the website saying outright that the game isnt meant for children or people who get nervous eventually. Which is garbage of course, kids need to get toughed up eventually, and nervous people need to get exposed to as much nerve wracking stuff as possible, because if they don't how will they survive in the aftermath of the Mayan Apocalypse?
When the skeletons of your distant ancestors come to take you away you need to have your bat ready to swing
 If you like platforming, lovecraftian stuff, gem collecting, and meta spooky stuff, then Eversion might be for you. If you are a child or are a person of a nervous disposition, then you really need to jump on this so you can lighten up, Francis.
See? Its harmless
You can get Eversion here, theres a HD version on Steam but thats not free so who cares.

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