Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What kind of ecosystem would have raining blood?

Got two more games for the SPOOKATHON today. Buckle up friends, shit is going to get WEIRD. Both games today were made by the same guy, a talented dude by the name of Benjamin Braden, aka amon26.  Up first is "All Of Our Friends Are Dead" or AOOFAD for short. With a name like that you know you're in something messed up.
Yeah, raining blood is a thing
AOOFAD is a platformer that was released way back in March 2009. "An INDIE PLATFORMER?" you may think to yourself "Say it isnt so!" but the game is more than that. What makes it worth putting on the SPOOKATHON is the game's atmosphere, music, and soundwork, and the art direction makes up for the low powered graphics. Everything is meant to creep you out and put you on edge, the monster designs, the backgrounds, the sound things make when they die (including yourself). There are three levels split into two segments each, and three bosses. The game is short but it's well put together, and it feels like a complete game, rather than a unpolished project slapped together in a weekend.
and to top it the sound for the gun is damn satisfying
Up next is a "spiritual successor" to AOOFAD called Au Sable, which was released in November of 2009. The game is obviously built on the same controls and gameplay principles of AOOFAD, but that doesn't make it a rehash. There's more creepy stuff in the style of AOOFAD, but the graphics are bumped up for Au Sable.
Like literally or metaphorically? Because I can think of a few movies where that turned out really bad
Again, what sets the game apart from all of the other indie platformers out there is the unsettling atmosphere. Wired jump cuts, level transitions, and cryptic wall scribbles abound. Some might see that as pretentious, an attempt to be "DEEP", but I say the gameplay holds up enough on its own. In regards to the SPOOK FACTOR Au Sable is just as disconcerting and disturbing as AOOFAD, while having more length.
Creepy girl? Check. Vaguely religious words floating in the air? Check. Time for spooky.
If any of that sounds appealing to you, you can snag All Of Our Friends Are Dead here
and Au Sable here
and Benjamin Braden's/amon26's website is here

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