Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The monster is unimpressed with your sick graffiti tags

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, one last post for the SPOOKATHON before we go, one last game before we dive into massive bowls of candy and go into sugar comas and get diabetes. Go get some video games in before you get hospitalized.
It was worth it
Today the game is called "Erie", made by Utah Game Forge out of the University of Utah, which
actually gives cash to the students for what they make, and lets them keep the rights to their creations, but it doesnt make up for the fact that they probably still make their students pay four hundred dollars for two textbooks, so they lose whatever cool guy points they might have earned with that.

Erie takes place in an evil mad scientist laboratory, and your goal is to (of course) escape, because a SYFY original movie broke out and everyone there besides you (and some cats for some reason) is dead. Things might look bleak, but its not all bad. You're unarmed but you do have a can of spray paint to mark the walls so you can know where you've been (the lab is actually pretty big so getting lost can be a problem), and you can run pretty fast so if you can get around the monster you can leave it in the dust.
"Hey man, wanna hang out?"
The sound work put into this is great, the sound of the experiment's breathing as it approaches is genuinely creepy, as a horrific experiment's breathing should be, and the meowing of the cats is annoying as hell, also as it should be. The unrelenting pursuit of the monster keeps you on edge, and the facility itself is also creepy, with its long dark hallways, insufficient lighting, and general rundown look.
All of the budget went into making ungodly abominations
If being the protagonist of a low budget sci-fi sounds good to you, or maybe you want practice crawling around ventilation ducts (though you could probably just play Half Life for that), then Erie might be for you. And you can get it here for either Desura or standalone.
But wait! Theres more! Earlier in the SPOOKATHON I said I'd talk about a "fan game" made for Yume Nikki called .flow, and though I waited till the last minute, i'm still doing it, so im not a liar, just lazy. I've heard its just as good as the original, with its own art and music. The game play is constructed the same way Yume Nikki's was, in that you need to find a number of objects in a semi open environment to get to the games end. Ao Oni also has had numerous fan games created, each based off of the game play of Ao Oni, but with different characters, locations, and monster.

If you want to try .flow, click here, if you like Ao Oni and want to try the fan games, click here for a big list of them. And of course remember to have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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