Friday, October 12, 2012

The color purple hasn't been this menacing since Barney

I dont think we've had any games for the SPOOKATHON that have taken place in big spooky mansions, time to change that, because you just gotta have the spooky mansions, man.
You just gotta
The Game Of The Day today is "Ao Oni". Released back in 2009 by a Japanese dev that goes by "noprops" , the game runs on RPG Maker XP despite the game not being an actual RPG. The plot of the game has you going through a mansion on the outskirts of town (that should be a big enough warning sign right there) running and hiding from a purple shape shifting horror with Predator vision and solving puzzles. Despite running on an old engine the game still managed to be spooky enough to get a large following, large enough to warrant an English and Italian translation.
Those eyes, WHY
 Much like Yume Nikki, the game became a run away success, so noprops made multiple updates for Ao Oni to improve the game, and a swath of fan games were made. A bunch of youtube videos are out there showing off how scary the game is, but most of those have annoying commentary with screaming at every jump scare, and they'd also spoil the game, so don't watch them, they're garbage.
You really need to play it yourself to appreciate it
If you like weird monsters, puzzles, and scarey mansions, then this game might be for you. Though even if you don't like those things, you still might want to play it to get in some "running and hiding from monsters" practice
Because, hey: you never know
You can snag Ao Oni here, you'll need to get the RPG maker XP thing first, thats also linked on the page

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