Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If you go deep enough all Oceans are Dark

The SPOOKATHON SURGES ON.  What I got for you today is kinda corny, to be honest, but aren't some of the best Halloween movies the corny ones?
Whats with the sheen of sweat going on in this picture?
 The game today is called Dark Ocean. Lets see what the developers have to say:
"Dark Ocean is a survival horror video game developed by a group of students from Universidad Pompeu Fabra.
Dark Ocean is a survival horror video game settled on a luxurious cruise ship. Influenced mostly by modern horror movies and famous survival horror games, Dark Ocean emphasizes the tension and anxiety in an original and exclusive environment."
"Ok, that's neat" you may think, "But you gotta sell me on this", and I will. For starters, the enemies you'll be dealing with in this game are zombies, standard survival horror staple. Your weapon of choice? FIRE. Your method of fire delivery? FLARE GUN
All the proof I need to know that these guys know what they're doing
The cheesy part of the game comes in from overly dramatic music stings, zombies suddenly appearing where there were none before, and really bad voice acting (Like, "I'm not even getting paid for this god damn it all" bad). Though the cheesiness doesn't make the game bad, it's still a solid game with neat fire/combat mechanics.
When you paint a skull on the prow of a ship you shouldn't be shocked when things go bad
If any of that sounds interesting to you, or you want to practice your zombie attack plan with the limitation of only using a fire to defend yourself, or you want to get pretend revenge for that time you got quarantined on a ship because of an outbreak of the NORO virus, then this game might be for you.
I didn't eat from the tainted buffet you guys, c'mon! Let me go home already!
You can snag Dark Ocean here

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