Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sword fights, spikes, and guillotines

In every kingdom in fiction ever, the right hand man adviser is always an even back stabbing jerk, without fail. So it should come with no surprise that when today's game has one, of course he's the bad guy you're out to stop. That game is Prince of Persia! No, not that time bending ones, the original.
Look at how evil that beard and mustache is
Originally coming out in 1989, and being made by one dude, Jordan Mechner (who with a name like that may very well be a robot) in college , Prince of Persia wasnt a big success at first, not that you would think that given that its still chugging along years later, and even got a relatively decent movie. Only when Prince of Persia was released in Europe and Japan the next year was when it really took off. It was ported over to more than twenty platforms over the years so Mechner clearly knew what he was doing
Disney why
At first Prince of Persia just looks like a platformer, what helped it stand apart at the time of its release was it's rotoscoped animation inspired by the movies The Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark", and its sword fighting as most other games at the time used projectiles instead because it was easier. Another key feature in Prince of Persia is the built in time limit, you have one hour to get in, save the princess and beat Jaffar into the floor for being a dick. Are you fast enough? Only one way to find out.
The original Prince of Persia is a favorite of many even years later, so if any of the above draws you in at all, or if you like traps and sword fighting in general, or if you want to play this to remind yourself that when YOU run things to never have an adviser to avoid a "power behind the throne" situation, then this game might be for you!
"Meet me later in that shadowy alley by murder street, bring all you're money. You trust me right?"
You can get Prince of Persia from a lot of places, like here

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