Monday, June 3, 2013

Dirty Buisness

The name of the game today is Sub Rosa, which for those of you who aren't language nerds means "under the rose", and its all about sneakiness, and that's exactly what we're getting into. Sub Rosa is a game about shadowy back alley deals, car chases, and deadly shoot outs.

Sub Rosa is a game that was made for the seven day FPS jam, it's still in development and as of me writing this down, it's still in version 0.07, so obviously you should know going in that its going to be rough around the edges. Still, whats there already looks pretty good, there are only three different guns but the shooting mechanics are pretty much nailed down, since you have to account for bullet drop, and the bullets actually come out of the gun instead of the center of your vision, so you need to compensate your aim in response.
"The bricks of money are secure"
There are two game modes, one where two teams need to organize a trade of cash for a disk while another is out to steal both, and kill them all. The other game mode is a free for all where all three teams are trying to steal the disk from a heavily armed CPU controlled team.
The tires make cartoony burn out sounds when you make a tight corner, and that's awesome
If any of this sounds good to you, or maybe you like the street shoot out from Heat a little too much then Sub Rosa is probably right up your alley. I have to say though that playing with friends is always more enjoyable than jumping on solo, just a reminder.
You can get the latest version of Sub Rosa here

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