Monday, February 10, 2014


You know what people should do more often? Have ADVENTURES. Seriously, there should be a surgeon general recommendation for one adventure per year. They keep you from being sedentary and getting fat, because you're too busy running away from rolling boulder traps and climbing up cliffs. Unfortunately most people either don't, or just can't get that adventure in, too busy with jobs or whatever to go spelunking or exploring. Today, I got a game that might fire up that ADVENTURE ENGINE everyone has inside them, and it's called Treasure Adventure Game.
They tell you everything the game has right in the title
At first, you take a look at Treasure Adventure Game and you think "Oh great, another 8-BIT INDIE PLATFORMER" and then you roll your eyes. But this isn't the case! TAG actually has quite a lot to it aside from platforms to jump on. Multiple dungeons to delve, treasures to find, islands to explore, and a whole ocean to sail. TAG has hours worth of content for you to play around with, an impressive feat for a studio (Robit Studios) that's basically one guy, Steven Orlando. It even won an award for "Best Indie Game" back in 2011.
Styx didn't do the soundtrack but they totally could have
Among TAG's neater features are a day night cycle, and NPCs that have their own schedules based around that cycle, a full soundtrack by a dude named Robert Ellis, an upgradeable boat, and boss fights! This game is a complete labor of love, and it shows. There have even been fan translations of it in Dutch, Polish, Brazlian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.
Movie adaptation in the works
If any of this is drawing you in, or you just want something to play between ADVENTURES, then Treasure Adventure Game is for you, and you can snag it, and the translations here

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