Monday, February 3, 2014

What the hell is a Boshy anyway?

You know what this site has had enough of? Platformers that actively hate the the guts of the people playing them. Think back to I Want To Be The Guy, now we got I Want To The Boshy, something just as bizarre and frustrating. Come on, you know you want it, don't fight it.
"I don't really NEED it..."
IWTBTB has the same mechanics as IWTBTG (jumping, shooting, self destruct button (???)), with new stuff added, not the least of which is character selection and CUSTOM CHARACTER SUPPORT. It's all entirely cosmetic of course but still, CUSTOM CHARACTERS! You could make one of your cat or dog and no one could stop you!
Or you could go to darker, stranger places...
IWTBTB was created by Soulgryn back in 2010, and they also made a bunch of other games over the years and I'll probably get to them eventually. You can check out Soulgryn's website here, and download IWTBTB here

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