Monday, October 14, 2013

Not even the axes work

Been too long without a post. I could offer excuses BUT THERE CAN BE NO EXCUSES, so lets just get on with it. What do you think about fire? It's pretty useful, it can keep you warm, cook food, and set your enemies aflame! With that in mind, lets get to our game: It's called You Have To Burn The Rope.
 There's a boss! There's fire! There's a rope! You have axes that are worthless! YOU DO THE MATH
This is one of those weird 30 second games, so your mileage may vary with this one. For a game that's so short the guy who made it certainly put some detail into it, since it has it's own original music. YHTBTR is one kongregate and a bunch of other flash game sites. Normally I dont put flash games up but this is too silly to pass by.
Want to kill some time? Go check out YHTBTR here, and at a bunch of other places.

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