Friday, September 27, 2013


OK, HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION TIME. Fast forward six years or so, you're in the ruins of one of those way-too-big super markets looting the last cans of peas. Suddenly upwards of thirty angry fanatics burst through the front doors. They're REALLY MAD because they want those same peas, and they've been running around for a few weeks trying to find them. They all have guns, knives, and baseball bats with nails in them, and you have like, a pistol (not even a good one either). WHAT. DO YOU. DO? Thankfully you can prepare yourself for that day, courtesy of American taxpayers, with "America's Army: Proving Grounds"
The whole deal with the America's Army games is that "It's like the same stuff the real army uses for training their guys...only its a computer game!" Of course this spawned a whole slew of conspiracy theories that the army was trying to draw in the next generation of soldiers by giving teenagers video games. The big draw of Proving Grounds is that it takes the good stuff from the other America's Army games, and sticks them all in one game, focusing on small unit strategy. They even had a whole simulated medic training course in one of the previous games. That's just crazy.

Proving Grounds is multiplayer capable, so you can get some of your very best friends together over the internet, and find out who can't handle themselves in a fight against computer people, and if they can handle themselves ON THE INTERNET, how can they deal with banditos in real life? Its the best way to figure out who you need to cut from your post apocalyptic fire team.
"The internet scares me! Aaaaaaaaaa!"
If any of that nonsense sounds good to you, or you like rooty-tooty point'n shooties, or you like squad tactics, OR you want to check it out so you can see if theres any brain washing signals in there for your conspiracy website, then you should check out America's Army: Proving Grounds.
You can snag the game on Steam over here

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