Monday, May 20, 2013

Rule your domain with an iron fist and high rent

Hey! You ever want to be in total control of a major building? From construction, interior design, to who you let in? Well you can't be Donald Trump, but you CAN play this game! It's called SIM Tower, and it will probably let you live out your sick, frightening, power fantasies.
It all seems so innocent at the start
SIM Tower is just that, another addition to the SIM series, but instead of building a vast city, or controlling and torturing a small number of people, you're in charge of the daily business of a skyscraper. Starting from scratch on ground level, you can build up to eighty levels straight into the sky, and straight down into the ground. You have full control over what goes where, how far up the elevators go, and how much is rent. You could be a benevolent landlord and build your tower in a sensible way, or you could demand and arm and a leg from your tenants, and have no elevators at all to purge the weak, old, and sickly from your domain.
So, if you're working off stress from work and want to mess with people who cant fight back, practicing designing your own REAL LIFE sky scraper (you internet architect, you), or you're thinking about how you're going to design your underground doomsday bunker and are planning on flipping your completed tower upside down and using that, SIM Tower might be what you're looking for.
"I accept rent in food, water, and ammo"
You can get SIM Tower here

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