Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have no idea how to properly introduce the game for today's update. I mean I COULD just sum it up in one to three sentences as im certain most of you have heard of it before, but that wouldn't do it justice at all. I COULD probable type up a thirty page report on it, but I'm far too lazy for that and I'm certain you don't want to fight your way through an essay.So I'm gonna do what I usually do and hope for the best! The game today is Dwarf Fortress!
Behold, a glorious mountain!
You could call Dwarf (DORF) Fortress a lot of things: Roguelike, God game, City Builder game, adventure game. Frankly, you could do all most ANYTHING. First thing that happens when playing is that a world is made. This isnt some nambly pambly preset map made up of cookie cutter set pieces, this world is procedurally generated from the ground up. Continents, oceans, kingdoms, cities, people, and even individual animals. Then you get a group of dwarves, some equipment, and you strike it out on your own in the wilderness. A wilderness that could be a savanna, a tundra, a forest, or a desert. Which could be populated by monkeys, the craven undead, elves, or all of those combined, or worse.
Sure it looks nice but you cant see the vampires
Then there's Adventure mode, which plays like a typical Roguelike game where the player creates an adventurer, and sets out into the world to either die horribly, or become famous, powerful and retire somewhere, maybe even a fortress you start in that generated world. There is no in between, just as in fortress mode everything you build will eventually be torn down in one way or another, its inevitable.
This will be you
Lastly there's a Legends mode, which lets you read into the history of the generated world. See the civilizations rise and fall, glorious commanders come into power. Its a neat little feature, though it has no real gameplay in and of itself.
"and in the year 457, all the Goblins got up and kicked the crap out of this one guy"
Dwarf Fortress was made by, and is still being developed and worked on by two brothers, Tarn and Zach Adams. Originally coming out in August of 2006, they keep adding more and more to the game. Make no mistake Dwarf Fortress is as hard as they come, with a learning curve that's littered with the broken bodies of those that came before you. You could try it and want to go back in time to stop it from being developed after five minutes of playing it. Or you might think its the best game ever. In either case, there are plenty of beginner guides out there on the internet, so you're not entirely on your own.
They couldn't handle it
You can get Dwarf  Fortress here. Remember, losing is fun!

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