Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Sooner or later, everyone comes to Babylon 5."

Hope you're psyching yourself up, because its time to strap yourself into an airtight enclosure with guns slapped onto that's been bolted onto a rocket engine and shoot yourself screaming out into the cold, empty void of space! That's right, it's spaceship time! Grab your astronaut ice cream and flight helmet!
Aw yeah
The game today is the Babylon Project. It's another mod made from the open source code of Freespace 2, and yet another game that was based off of a TV show, this one obviously being Babylon 5, the 90s science fiction show with aliens, spaceships, and psychics running around, it's pretty great.
That 90s CGI
Released in September of 2008, the game has been patched and polished multiple times since then, and has multiple unofficial patches and campaigns made to expand the game. Like Diaspora which I've also done, the game has detailed ship models and weapons right out of the show, and the missions have multiple call backs to the series, be it their titles or locations.
Or ship paint jobs
However, the game does have one, striking weakness: The voice acting. Good lord. It must be heard to be believed. Past that though, the game is great. If you like flight sims, Babylon 5, spaceships, lasers, the rules of space being broken (explosions that you can hear in open space). If you're down for any of that, then The Babylon Project might just be for you.
This poster is probably a better hype man for this game than me
You can snag The Babylon Project here

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