Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Running all the way to a psychologist

Something short and sweet here today! It involves running, wild animals, running, hostile plant life, running, floating cash, jumping, human remains just lying around, running, and DEATH. It's called Fear Less.
Did I mention it has running? This is important, because it does
The game is about one girl and her recurring nightmare where she runs through a forest where everything is out to kill her while being pursued by version of the grim reaper that looks like it was spawned forth from the darkest, most foul corners from Deviant Art. That said, the art is nice, having sprites that actually look like they had effort put into it, and having a neat paralax scrolling effect for the foreground and background. One of the game's best aspects however is the music. Very well done, better heard than having me fail to describe it.
The gameplay itself is about the girl fleeing from death while jumping over hazards and murdering the hateful animals that try to stop her with a sword. But for your first attempt you are like a small baby trying to run from an angry baby sitter. You basically die in one hit, you cant jump worth a damn, and you cant swing your sword to any helpful effect. How do you fix this? While running from death you can snag DREAM COINS, and spend them on upgrades to help you get a little farther each time you try to escape death.
"Oh God there were mushrooms EVERYWHERE"
For a game with cutesy graphics, Fear Less has some pretty dark implications about the mental state of the protagonist, but delving into the themes and artistic message here is for another website, here I'm just telling you its free. If you're into recurring nightmares, fleeing, delaying the inevitable, nonsensical currency, and cutting up cartoon wildlife, then Fear Less is for you.
Cant catch me, Death!
You can play Fear Less here

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