Monday, December 24, 2012

Capcom had to put Street fighter first in the name just because

Hey would you look at that! We aren't dead! Guess armageddon will have to wait for another time. Guess you could use all of that canned food you bought for Christmas dinner...or you could do the smart thing and keep that bunker stocked, because you never know
Well shit
Short post today, we all have stuff that needs doing so lets just dive right into the thick of it. This time I got a fan Megaman game that was officially sponsored by Capcom. Because its the 25th year of the Street Fighter franchise there's been a lot of stuff coming out of Capcom this year, like art books, music, and other tributes. However it's also the 25th year of the Megaman franchise, but since Capcom hates the shit out of everything Megaman related, it hasn't been a fun year to be a Megaman fan.
Recently, Capcom threw money at a megaman fangame instead of sending a cease and desist e-mail so they could use it for their anniversary thing, probably because it crossed over with their PAY TO WIN street fighter game. Street Fighter X Megaman plays like a typically Megaman game, you pick stages, get power ups from beating bosses (and you'll probably end up looking up what power up counters which boss)
Because that's just how the internet works
If you like Megaman, go snag the game, the street fighter bosses are pretty neat and have some cool animations. If you like Street Fighter, I hate you.
The sooner we accept that he's not getting off the moon, the sooner the healing can begin
You can snag Street Fighter X Megaman here

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