Monday, August 20, 2012

In the future all hallways go in 90 degree angles

You better buckle up because its time for you to send a bunch of armored super soldiers off to die in some horrible twisted metal labyrinth. I’m talking about SPACE HULK. What is Space Hulk you ask? Well I’LL SHOW YOU (and by that I mean I’ll post a video someone else uploaded).

Some of you may already know of Warhammer 40K and Space Marines through 40K video games or through the table top games, and you may think “but would the crazy over the top weapons and armor make the game easy?” OH NO. Released back in 1993, Space Hulk is about squads of Space Marines going on missions in the titular space hulk, a giant mass of spaceships jammed together filled to brim with horrific aliens. The Genestealers (the horrible things that kinda look like the Xenomorph from the “Alien” movies) don’t care about things like explosions, bullets, and fire and you will most certainly be sending some of your men off to their gruesome deaths.
They dont come in peace
Unlike Alien Swarm which I already covered, this game has you directly ordering and controlling a number of guys instead of just one. In game play, troop placement is critical, as you only have so many men to cover the possible directions where the aliens could attack you from, and like the weird song in the intro video implies, you cant move any guys past each other in the narrow hallways. But seeing is better than reading, have another video.

Multiple mission types, unmapped missions, and strategy game play. If that sounds good to you, or if you’re a fan of 40K stuff, then Space Hulk might be for you. If nothing else, if you’re a fan of the board game you should know what to expect from the game.
"There was a board game?" Yes, surprisingly
You can snag Space Hulk here

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